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Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
University of Economics, Prague

Editorial integrity

Editorial integrity for IMES submissions

One of our top priorities and responsibilities is to prevent any illegal or unethical practice. Plagiarism is not tolerated in any form. Through the submission of a manuscript, the author confirms that it is their own original research. The following rules are binding for all parties who participate in the conference and are published in the IMES Proceedings.


The Conference Scientific Committee and the Organisers of the Conference:

  • are responsible for the content and overall technical quality of the manuscripts,
  • reserve the right to accept or reject a submission during the review process, and, if the paper is successful in the review process, to decide on its publication,
  • treat all information relative to the papers submitted as confidential,
  • ensure the anonymity of the reviewers and authors during the review process,
  • prevent all potential conflicts of interest between the authors and reviewers.


  • are responsible to follow the instructions for authors and the formal requirements of the paper,
  • confirm that papers uploaded to the conference system have not been previously published or submitted to another review process,
  • confirm that their submissions are and represent their own original work,
  • are responsible for the proper citation of previously published material as well as the proper presentation of all data sources,
  • are responsible to identify the names of all co-authors who participated in the preparation and delivery of the submission, and confirm that all co-authors are aware that papers have been submitted for review and agree with both the content and publication of their names as co-authors,
  • are required to immediately report any serious errors and inaccuracies contained in papers,
  • are responsible to deliver all final requested corrections and modifications,
  • are obliged to report any conflicts of interest.


  • are obliged to treat all information relative to submitted papers as confidential,
  • are obliged to report any similarities with other peer-reviewed papers or previously published works, for which the reviewer is cognisant,
  • are responsible for an objective review of an anonymous paper and a justification for their views that include clear arguments. The reviewers should also propose additional literature and resources that were not included in the submission. They may only recommend positively reviewed papers for publication,
  • are obliged to give  immediate notice if  the deadline to remit the review cannot be met so that it may be delegated, if appropriate, to another reviewer,
  • are obliged to report any conflicts of interest.

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